Civic Green – City Streets

Melodic indie four-piece Civic Green follow up previous releases ‘Sunlit Shore’ and ‘There Is Always A Light’ with a rousing new single – ‘City Streets’.

Hailing from the former mining villages around South Yorkshire with the bright lights of the city not far away – Civic Green present a real sense of small-town boy desperately yearning for escape. Yet there’s still a deeply-rooted working class nostalgia that remains. Despite being a relatively new outfit (in this current line-up at least) you’d be forgiven for mistaking this young band as being wise beyond their years – for this release smacks of a polished maturity in both sound and songwriting.

A big track with a big sound and an even bigger chorus. It’s four and a half minutes of anthemic indie goodness. Kicking off, there’s a wonderful steady build to the verses – backed by an ear-pleasing guitar – which illustrate a young mind full of anxious thoughts.

So uninspiring / This life is tiring / I won’t let it get me down / ’cause I’m a dreamer / A born-believer / Just help me make it off the ground”

Perhaps a comment on growing up – the insecurities and desire for independence that we all feel at some point. That mix of doubt and self-assured confidence that young adulthood throws at us is showcased in the sing-a-long chorus – which also features a particularly powerful vocal display.

As I walk these city streets / With my shadow all alone / I don’t need nobody here / I can make it on my own”

Lyrically and musically – ‘City Streets‘ feels like a coming of age.
And as they continue to grow – it’ll be interesting to see where Civic Green wander next.