Civic Green – There Is Always A Light

Despite a working class upbringing, Civic Green are determined to get lost in their dreams and see something greater. And there’s nowhere that idea is more clear than this song. 

There Is Always A Light tries to capture that wide-eyed wonder of dreaming bigger, expressing this even in its title. Lyrically there’s this underlying turbulence that never bubbles to the surface, preferring to reference the trouble that’s always brewing somewhere in everyone’s lives. Instead Civic Green go for a more firmly positive approach and continually refer back to the title of the song and how ‘there is always a light’. 

The delivery is through the tried and true UK Indie rock’n’roll style that has been welded into the homegrown British music scene for years now. The classic 4-piece band lineup utilising drum, bass, guitar, and vocals with their own distinct feel. 

The opening chords in particular are a real standout on the track, immediately setting a tone and repeating throughout in an expression of this positive energy that the song delivers.

 Along with a strong vocal delivery that’s solid right the way through, but really begins to shine during the chorus when distant chanting is layered into the music. 

The bass does really shine through at several moments as well, where in some bands cases it can be completely buried by something else going on. 

And of course the drums serve as a solid backbone to the track, never pushing any further than what they need to, whilst simultaneously making their energy and presence known.