Clashmute : Infection

By way of introduction, Clashmute are a relatively fresh unsigned five piece metalcore band from Manchester. They have just released the debut track from their upcoming EP ‘Transitions’ and its good, really good.

The best way I can describe why that is, would be to say that it has that ‘something,’ that thing that you just don’t know what it is and if you could bottle it and sell it you would be mega rich. It isn’t pure perfection by any stretch and despite high end audio production there are things I didn’t like, such as the insanely punchy drums and overly wide guitars.

What it does have though are a group of lads who can all play their instruments tremendously well and have a really tight performance in this track.

As previously mentioned it also has that something that makes you want to listen to it again and again. It has a great tempo, kicking guitars and music from and 80’s TV show. As someone who is especially childish, I absolutely love the fact that there is a musical breakdown from the guitarist, of the Inspector Gadget theme.  

The music is accompanied by a YouTube video which to be fair is a bit basic and really largely consists of the band in a room jumping around, but it does convey the energy this band has and I did like the effect that the camera has of flowing the head banging. 

This gets a big thumbs up.