Claudio Corona – Laying It Down

Keyboardist, composer and producer Claudio Corona presents his four-track project ‘Laying It Down’.

Known for specialising in playing and recording vintage musical instruments such as the Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet and analogue synths – Claudio exhibits his signature authentic sound on this debut solo effort.

Featuring a mix of four original compositions; ‘Apollo 73’, ‘Lay It Down’, ‘The Expanse’ and ‘Live Current’ – the record was written, arranged, recorded and mixed by the artist at his own London-based studio Retrofonica.

Joined on drums by Soulive’s Alan Evans – it’s a beautiful blend of 70s instrumental funk grooves. To open, ‘Apollo 73’ jumps right in with peppy percussion and a laid-back tempo – all highlighted by an organ solo that will tingle your spine.  
‘Lay It Down’, the second and shortest of the collection (at just over two-minutes in length) is perhaps the stand out track for us. Irresistibly toe-tapping, this fast-paced number races along with a relentless funk-filled force. An instrumental piece that sticks in your head, we had it on repeat – our only wish is that it was maybe a little longer. Short and oh so sweet.

‘The Expanse’ brings in acoustic piano hooks with bluesy bass riffs to join the building Hammond melodies. Evans lays a steady beat with the addition of monophonic synths giving it a very late-70s Stevie Wonder flavour.
Rounding off the record, ‘Live Current’ is strikingly different than those tracks before it. With shifting sonic textures, there’s a more modern contemporary take to this one. The stripped-back start featuring an eerie Fender Rhodes melody gives the track an almost ethereal and ‘otherworldly’ sound.

Reminiscent in places of the likes of Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Brian Auger among others – ‘Laying It Down’ serves as a soul-soaked soundtrack for 2021. Paying homage to the funk sounds of the 60s and 70s, Corona manages to bring a fun fresh twist to the genre ..and it’s moreish as hell.

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