We review the new single from Cold water Swimmers – Robots

Three-piece Cold Water Swimmers were formed in Manchester in February 2018 fronted by guitarist and songwriter Chris Bridgett (of Dub Sex, Rude Club and The G-O-D) along with Carrie Lawson on bass guitar and Selina Clements-Woolnough on drums. Still riding high on the success of their previous release “Burn Your Idols”, release their foot stomping glam punk new single Robots. 

Recorded with long-time collaborator Simon Ding Archer at 6DB studios, Salford they have yet again produced a stark and real track. Adding to the already established snarl of Bridgetts vocal, the new track features the backing vocals of Lawson which adds an edge and depth against the banging drums of Clement-Woolnough.  

Cold Water Swimmers just keep getting better in terms of profile and the tracks they are producing and consistently proving Manchester’s music scene needs experienced players as much as the young upstarts that flock to the city looking for their big break. 

Frontman Bridgett had this to say about the track “ROBOTS is a story of the rise of the robots, humans becoming obsolete and all of humanity walking blindly into a future (no future) where technology controls us all, wrapped up in the sort of punk rock tune my 12-year-old self would have jumped around the  bedroom too!”