We review the new single from Cold Water Swimmers – So Young

Manchester’s Cold Water Swimmers return with their newest track “So Young”, a feel-good indie pop anthem. It’s hard to believe from this recording that Cold Water Swimmers are but a three-piece, the sound is full and powerful and doesn’t lose it’s edge as a result of the band’s member count.

The track draws you in with a stripped back simplistic intro matched with beautifully familiar Mancunian vocals, before getting turned on its head when the percussion begins driving the track into the infectious hook “So Young”. The vocals are raw and have an edge that help Cold Water Swimmers stand out, not least as a result of the male and female call and response the band utilises to tell the song’s nostalgic love story, one that I’m sure we can all relate to.

Manchester’s music market is saturated with damaging Oasis nostalgia and cloned indie-rock bands but this isn’t what you get from Cold Water Swimmers, their sound is refined and unique – it’s hard to pin down an artist to compare them to, which in of itself is surely a good thing.

So Young” really is a summer anthem and will have you desperate to be listening to the band live come July. The band is planning to release their debut album come summertime and one can but only hope the rest of the tracks match the standard of this one because if they do it will be one hell of a release.