Colin Clyne – Within Hindsight

A satisfyingly simplistic journey of swaying melodies and tender vocals, this new track from Scottish folk singer Colin Clyne impresses with its beauty and vulnerability. Coming off the back of previous track Where The Ships Go To Die, this tune displays an even more gentle side to his already tender songwriting, taking everything back to the barebones to showcase the real eerie sweetness at the core of his music.

The overriding vibe you get from With Hindsight is one of honesty. The stripped back instruments and general minimalist feeling to the whole track means it really oozes a sense that Clyne is bearing his soul here, and the result is a sound which although not upbeat, is certainly dramatic. In true folk style, he doesn’t try to polish his sound too clean, nor does he need any quirks to add spice to his sound, he relies on the rawness of his music to shine through, and it succeeds.

At points you may perhaps expect this track to kick on, but the real wonder of it is that it doesn’t need to. It’s content in continuing along with its subtle but luscious tickling of guitar, with its delicate vocals and the overall suppleness that holds it all together. It is a fantastically crafted track for the reason that it doesn’t battle against what it is, but continues on triumphantly. Impressive and uncompromising from Clyne, and I hope we hear more from him soon.