College Elite – The Way It Used To Be

Lo-fi garage rock project College Elite could quickly become your new favourite band out of Manchester. Back with new single ‘The Way It Used To Be‘, taken from an EP of the same name, the track documents Joshua’s (aka the mind behind College Elite) recounting thoughts and what if moments. We’re all prone to get these feelings every day, its part of human nature, but the way that College Elite portrays this through music is stunning.

A fast-paced number that will instantly get your head banging away to the instrumentation, this raw arrangement is authentic yet pays ode to yesteryears. The sort of track that would fit a movie scene where college students are trying to rush through an assignment to reach their deadline, this energetic number reminisces nostalgic periods. Leaving you with a smile and reminding you of ‘better’ times, the track hears Josh recount his memories and what could have been.

Instrumentally, the track comes across as adventurous and able to steal your gaze. Garage rock needs to be in your face and unapologetic, ‘The Way It Used To Be’ does exactly that. Fantastically vivid, this is the first track I’ve heard from College Elite, and it certainly won’t be the last.