The rules are simple(ish): they can’t repeat an album, and to just make it that little bit more interesting they have to use the same track number from another album. For example, Track 1 could be the opening track of the incredible Stone Roses’ debut ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. Track 2 could be Blur’s ‘Song 2′ – you get the idea? – basically their fave track 1, 2, 3 etc from 10 different albums.

Vix Leyton is fairly new to comedy and has worked in PR for a number of years before jumping into performing with the help of Mark Watson encouraging her to conquer her fear of public speaking by doing her first gig at one of his legendary 24 hour fundraisers. Since then, the London Welsh comedian has been a finalist of Funny Women 2020 and has performed over 100 gigs. Vix hasn’t let Lockdown stall her new found career and has created her own show on Twitch (Comedy Roulette) that has now become the fabulous Comedy Arcade podcast. Since the Comedy Arcade’s inception last year, it’s managed to attract some star studded guests including Shappi Khorsandi, Seann Walsh and Josie Long and is a must for anyone who loves three comedians fighting over who the best anecdotes based on which random generated Bingo ball Vix pulls out.

1. ‘Hands Down’- Dashboard Confessional

This is such a perfect summer pop song, I like to think I’m still open to a lot of new music but I default back to emo and pop punk way more often than I probably should. This song goes on every playlist I make anyone, and anyone who mentions it independently immediately gets promoted in my esteem.

2.’Thorn in My Side’ – Eurythmics

My parents are a massive influence on my music taste and there was always something on in our house, more often than TV. Our street was really close and our house was the social hub so there was usually someone at my kitchen table when I came home from school and I got a really broad musical education. They were polar opposites in a lot of ways, my Mum loves Motown and country, and my Dad likes more rock and pop, but Eurythmics was a band they both agreed on. This whole album still gets regular play but this song is the stand out track on it for me. “

3. ‘Old White Lincoln’ – The Gaslight Anthem

I went to Reading 2008 with my best mate at the time, and in a very Welsh way we found ourselves next to a brilliant group of people ALSO from South Wales, joined their camp immediately and just bowled around as a massive group going to see whatever the loudest person wanted to; that was where I first encountered The Gaslight Anthem, and this song; it was love at first listen. It was an unbelievable line up that year, including Rage Against The Machine, Bloc Party, Manics, Biffy Clyro and Taking Back Sunday but this is the song that always takes me back to that blazing hot bank holiday weekend, drunk on the cheapest cider, surrounded by new friends. Without fail, there will be a moment every year where the nights are getting lighter and I feel compelled to get this album on. “

4. ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ – Wolf Alice

If there is a more perfect song written about those first mad weeks of having a crush on someone – whether romantically or just because they are cool –  I don’t even want to know about it. I have my perfect song, and it’s this. Ellie’s sherbetty, sparkly vocals remind me of some early 90’s indie that I loved and the lyrics just speak to me. I live for meeting new people and that first rush of getting to know someone, rabbiting on about them, and getting excited about how they fit into your life is one of my favourite bits. ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ by The Pretenders has the same vibe, it’s just full of optimism.”

5. ‘Modern Love’ – David Bowie

Okay, so I cheated a little bit here, to make this fit – it’s track 5 on Best of 1980 – 87. I will always dance when this comes on – it’s joyful. It can really shake down a bad mood on a morning commute.”

6. ‘Read My Mind ‘ – The Killers

Somewhere along the line it became a bit uncool to like The Killers, or maybe cool to dislike them. They’re a stadium band now, but I saw them on an NME Awards tour at my Students Union in Cardiff and they had as much swagger and sleazy Vegas Glitter in that tiny cauldron as they have now headlining festivals. Brandon Flowers puts on such a show, and he is so charismatic I don’t know if I want to be his wife or actually just be him. Through a friend of a friend, I managed to go to an after show party they had at a hangar of a bar in Cardiff a few years ago. We had been to the gig so I was a disheveled sweaty mess on a Saturday night in town, where most women were dressed to go ‘out out’. A particularly bitchy girl looked me up and down in the bar toilets where I was desperately trying to do something about the situation and rolled her eyes at me, so it was hugely satisfying to be behind her at the velvet rope when she was turned away despite her best flirting efforts, and got to enjoy me flashing my wrist band and going through. 

7. ‘History ‘ -Funeral For A Friend’

The Funeral For a Friend boys are a local South Wales success story from Maesteg, the same town as my brilliant friend Alex Collins, who we lost at the unfeasible young age of 22 in 2007. I don’t know how long is left on my particular clock but I’m prepared to go on the record now and say I doubt I’ll meet anyone quite as cool as him ever again – he was a brilliant, vivid person that was destined for such great things. It’s been 13 years and I’m still full of the raging injustice that he died, it completely changed me. When the news reached home about him and his beautiful girlfriend Bethan, FFAF put on a benefit concert for the charity their parents set up in their names. I loved this song before, and I still do, but it will never fail to make me cry.” 

8. ‘Never Forget You’ – Noisettes

Another jangly, upbeat summer song that can switch my mood in the opening bars. I think the song is vaguely meant to be about a lost romance but it always makes me think really wistfully of that particularly type of much loved friend that you don’t really have to stay in touch with by mutual unspoken agreement, and then occasionally the stars align to meet up and it’s like no time has passed at all, leading you to promise to do it again soon… then somehow a year goes by. You need these people in your life.

9.’Faster’ – The Manic Street Preachers

I was a huge Manics fan as a teenager. As someone who was a little bit lost, it offered not just a band to idolise but also a complete identity toolkit, a uniform, and a whole culture. There are still trace levels of it if you look closely enough – the over-reliance on eyeliner, leopard print, a penchant for fake tiaras… They were a home when I needed one, they hold the record for band I’ve seen live the most (I stopped counting at around 20) and the songs from those first 4 albums are so familiar to me they might as well be tattooed onto my ribs. ‘Faster’ is unrivaled live, the anger, the jarring poetry of lyrics, the screaming guitars, but I’ve always leaned more towards Nicky Wire’s lyrics so I’m hoping to double A-side this with the sweeping – immortalised by TV sport – Australia. “

10. ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’ – Taylor Swift

Lover’, the last pre-lockdown album by Taylor Swift came out on the day I flew to Edinburgh for my first experience of Fringe. I had to get up ludicrously early to catch the flight and I was so excited about the album I asked the Uber driver if he would be willing to put it on – astonishingly he went for it. This song is the one I put on repeat as soon as I got out of the taxi, as asking the driver to play it again felt like pushing it, and I remember exactly how happy and excited I was on my way to Stansted as the summer sun was coming up. On my way back a few days later I texted my friend to tell him that going to shows at Fringe was amazing but didn’t really feel like quite enough and I wanted to be a part of it – a few months later my show got accepted for a full run but well, that was last year so we know that wasn’t quite on the cards. If I could go back and experience a day again, I might well choose that one, and it started listening to this.

A brilliant selection of songs. Such a shame that we are going to have to ban Vix for a day for her breaking the rules. Cheating aside; this would be a great pre-gig album and I wonder if any of these will be her walk in music for next year’s Edinburgh Fringe?

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