Comedy : 10 Questions with Comedienne Sarah Iles

Introduce yourself and what are you all about?

I’m Sarah Iles and I’m a stand up comedian from South London. Bo. I mainly do material about being recently divorced and the current online dating scene (and how horrific it is. But excellent material.) I do all over the place and spend most of my time alone in my car driving to gigs and singing to 80’s tunes.

Tell me about a time when a joke came out of nowhere?

Well it’s called an ‘epiphany toilet’ for a reason! Actually one of my fave jokes was when I was at a services before a gig. I was just sitting in the sunshine with my cheeky starbucks and it just came to me. Out of nowhere. So bizarre how that happens. You can be trying to write for ages and then boom, it happens when you least expect it. Like one-night stands.

What’s the worst experience you have encountered on stage?

I was doing my solo show and a fight broke out at the back of the audience. It stressed a guy out so much in the front row that he had a panic attack and then a fit. I had no idea what to do. Obviously, I stopped the show and ran out of the venue to get help, but it was midday and  there was only one staff member on who was ‘out the back’. It was mayhem and I was just so unprepared for that kind of situation!

What tips would you give someone thinking starting up in stand up?

Don’t. Just don’t. It will ruin you.

What have you had to compromise to become a comedian?

Mainly my social life. Time with family and friends. Also I’m pretty sure me getting in to stand up was the beginning of the end of my marriage. I think I fell in love with Stand-up so much that it became my priority. Well, I wanted it to be and would actually resent having to put my partner first. Which is horrible to admit. I think I need to be with someone who understands my world or is a stand up themselves.

Tell me something about you that no one knows publicly?

I won a beauty competition when I was 17. I obviously entered as a joke and I didn’t win because I was beautiful (the judges admitted) but because I was so funny in my responses to questions that they had to give me the crown. Up to that point the only person that had told me I was funny was my mother!!

Who on the circuit can you see ending up on Live at the Apollo?

It sounds cheesy but all of my comic mates – Zahra Barri, Russell Hicks, Richard Wright, Dave Chawner, Robyn Perkins and Aidan Jones.

What’s coming up in 2018 for you?

I’m obviously doing my solo show ‘Ghosted’ at the Edinburgh fringe which is amazing. I’m currently documenting the fringe experience and everything that happens throughout which I’m hoping will be turned in to something when I return! Need a big break!

Then in September I’m recording the second series of the radio Sitcom I’m in ‘Don’t worry, it’s only the end of the world’. Then it’s the usual gigging madness!

Which 3 comedians, dead or alive, would you would want to have a dinner party with and why?

I guess this all depends on which one of them can cook.

Ok, here goes…

Richard Herring. I love the guy and probably would be such a fan girl I wouldn’t be able to speak. So an awkward dinner party all round. Pass the salt, please….

Bill Burr. Cos, It’s Bill Burr. He’s probably the funniest man ever and I think he would be a great husband number 3.

Number 3 would have to be Louis CK, pre wanking incident. No-one wants a dinner guest who wanks over the bread basket.

What 3 shows do you recommended seeing at The Edinburgh Fringe this year?
Sarah Iles: Ghosted, three times.

Catch her dating and divorce show ‘Ghosted’ everyday at the edinburgh fringe Festival, The Counting House, Attic 2-26th at 12:05 (Midday)