Comedy : 10 Questions with Funhouse comedy owner Spiky Mike


1. Hi Mike. Introduce what you and funhouse comedy are all about?

I have been a comedian for nearly 20 years and for the past 15 have been running comedy shows at numerous venues across The Midlands and beyond.

2. It takes a certain “character” to wear shirts like you do, talk me through the thought process when buying these?

Most of my cloth buying happens at festivals, such as Glastonbury, so cider strongly influences my selections.

3. Some comics say you have been vital in their career supporting them through your network of shows, how’s that make you feel?

That’s a great thing to hear. Always nice when you see acts on the telly, such as Sarah Millican, who played our clubs right at the beginning when they were really new.

4. What gets on your nerves as a promoter?
Not a great deal really, I’m fairly chilled and tolerant, even when acts cancel at short notice!

5. What’s the worst experience you have encountered on stage?
Last month in Grantham, when the headline act broke down in the middle of nowhere and I had to suddenly headline, replacing a top TV act!

6. What tips would you give someone thinking about starting up in stand up?

Give it a go! Better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.

7. Do some comedians expect progression too quick?
Yes some do. They really want things to happen, but it can be slow, even for the really good ones.

8. Tell me something about you that no one knows publicly?

Before getting into comedy, I was a music promoter and paid Manic Street Preachers £50 for a support slot when they were total unknowns.

9. Who/whom on the circuit do you think has what it takes to make a career out of stand up?
Simon Lomas from Manchester is incredible.

10. What’s coming next for funhouse comedy?
More and more new clubs opening to help cheer people up from the gloom of the outside world!