Concrete Armbands – Anti-Therapy

After the release of their first two singles, Concrete Armbands are preparing to release their first E.P., Anti-Therapy. I was fortunate enough to be given a pre-release listen.

If I was to try and describe them I would say they sound a little bit like a hybrid of The Smiths and The Cure, and lead singer Josh is reminiscent of Roger Waters.

The opening track Satellites slowly teases the listener into the faster paced stuff to follow. Its use of vocal range is quite jarring in parts, but is sonically interesting.

The E.P. then moves onto the previously reviewed Russian Dolls and the pace picks up nicely.

Up next is ‘Bud’, a nice pleasant ambling tune.

Bringing the E.P to a close are The Brink and God Complex.

My critique of these tracks would be that they need filling out a little for my taste, as they feel like they leave too much space in the between music, in parts any way. It doesn’t ruin the tracks but I think they would sound more professional if they filled the gaps.

My positives would be that they are certainly emotive. They really make the most of emotional architecture, making the tracks very captivating and pleasing. God Complex is my ‘must listen’ track of the E.P. and to repeat the point, the track is a really great example to other bands on how to write songs which start slow and pull the listener into a great rip roaring finish.