Concrete Armbands – Like Russian Dolls

Following up their debut single ‘The Brink’ is the second single from Concrete Armbands, …Like Russian Dolls. 

Starting off with a minimalistic atmospheric tone setter that leads into a simple but very pleasant guitar tune that loops continually. Accompanied by a drum machine beat and a variety of minimalist ambience that evokes a futuristic feel as though you’re listening to something straight out of the cyberpunk world of Blade Runner. 

All the while, as more and more elements are layered on top of the drum beat, and mysterious evocative lyrics. The drum beat becomes more and more complex, always making its presence known as it worms its way into your brain and under your skin. 

Concrete Armbands use a constantly evolving style on the track that is pulled off in superb fashion, with the sounds and beat in an endless flux. 

The track crescendos and morphs into an industrial electronic beat with synth which leads a now haunting track into a full on, heavy hitting, industrial beat with guitar. 

All the hypnotic sounds are suddenly gone and replaced abruptly with an alt rock track that follows the same tune and beat. 

The song itself becomes this Russian nesting doll of sorts, building itself up from this minimal beat to an all out monster. It’s this style choice combined with excellent execution that makes the song this clever melody that stays with you.