Concrete Colossus release their new EP – Dead Man’s Hand

Concrete Colossus is a 5 piece band fueling their sound with alternative/metal rock, having recently released a five track album called ‘Dead Man’s Hand’. Each song has a strong title which adds to their branding: imposing, cynical, and fearless: their sound is aggressive yet impressive. Concrete Colossus aren’t afraid to impose their music and found their sound quite quickly, starting with their single “Doomswitch”.

This track withholds an impressive guitar-lead introduction, giving way to the drums as they shaped the rhythmic, and then the singing.

The lead singer holds a very deep yet aggressive and powerful voice which perfectly embodies the electric and metallic feel which is felt throughout the entire album. In the song ‘Berserker’, the vocals follow a dialogue, screaming at each other which could be interpreted in many different ways, free to anyone’s imagination and adept to anyone’s personalization.

Some amazing guitar riffs come in and out of the tracks, giving way to the drums and voices perfectly in synch as their rhythmic teases the listener on and off.

Their sound requires a strong sense of precision from all musicians, as each person needs to know their part by heart, as well as when to come in and when to change the rhythmic.

Designed to keep you on your toes from start to finish, their sound is ideal for anyone who needs a shot of adrenaline to boost their confidence, or anyone who needs an outlet for their strong felt emotions, whatever they might be, from emotionless to hardcore feelings. We all have demons that we need to let out from time to time, give them a listen and you won’t be disappointed.