Conrad Ashton – Celebrate Life

Conrad Ashton this month returns with his latest offering, ‘Celebrate Life’. Hailing from Spennymoor in the North East, Conrad Ashton writes heartfelt and relatable tracks, hoping to resonate with his listeners. Before he had even turned 12 Conrad was writing his own songs, developing a unique style. Now, his mission.. is to entertain and inspire listeners.

With ‘Celebrate Life’, Conrad Ashton does just that. The track offers motivation and optimism, served through a catchy chorus and groovy instrumentation.

The release of ‘Celebrate Life’ follows on from an exciting few months for Conrad, he has previously released his debut single, ‘Time’ and just last month he released an acoustic EP ‘No Post On Sundays’. His previous releases have received tonnes of love, including praise from Clash Magazine.

‘Celebrate Life’ sees Conrad Ashton mature beautifully, his ever-evolving sound is something that current fans are going to fall more in love with, the lyricism is compelling, making the track seem even more honest and authentic.

Conrad had written the track at the beginning of 2020, feeling optimistic about what was to come. Even though this year may not have gone to plan, ‘Celebrate Life’ provides the positivity we all have been lacking, reminding us to never take what we currently have for granted, and to not take everything too seriously.

With the release of ‘Celebrate Life’, Conrad Ashton showcases his ability to evolve. The relatable lyricism displayed within this track proves that he is all rock and roll, without all the ego. The future is looking very bright for Conrad, he is definitely one to keep your eyes on.