Conrad Ashton – No Post on Sundays

Conrad Ashton is one of those artists you find that continues to grow with each release. Rooted within the modern rock mixed with classic pop scene, Conrad stays as true to himself as possible. After the success of his most recent single ‘Time’ early this year, the songwriter returns with a full acoustic EP titled ’No Post On Sundays’. With a title sounding straight out of that iconic scene in Harry Potter, you’ll be hooked from the get go with it’s contagious memorability. 

Like No One Else Do’ fires straight onto the scene with it’s infectious melody. Inspired and written about the only girl Conrad’s ever fallen for, the track details reminiscing on the past and how things change, and always work out for the best. The track’s arrangement doesn’t particular grow with using dynamics, it’s Conrad’s poetic voice that guides through. A raw track that uses imperfections to give it that true ‘human’ feel. A warming start to the EP and a wonderful introduction into Conrad’s songwriting.

Those Were The Days’ stays on the same road as ‘Like No One Else Do’, and explores love and coming together. Reminiscing with it’s song title looking back on it’s past, this honest number shows Conrad at his most passionate yet. Hearing his vocals get fully into the zone, they give off a ‘you NEED to hear what I’ve got to say’ vibe. 

I’m Already Gone’ may musically sound mid-beat and hopeful, but the lyrics dive into a deeper meaning. Written at a low point in Conrad’s life, the track details how would people react if he wasn’t around anymore. Hearing a songwriter be completely honest and personal with music is where it’s at. An inspiration, Conrad is an artist we’re very lucky to have.

Previously heard single ’Time’ is stripped back for the final release on the EP. A track we mainly know for its an upbeat arrangement, this track completely still works acoustically. Overall, the tracks on the acoustic EP definitely work stripped back, but they have the potential to become bigger and would suit a band arrangement too.

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