CPSD – Down Came a Spider

Yorkshire three piece CPSD drop their new single tomorrow, and much like their previous release it gets the blood pumping and the senses tingling with their all-or-nothing approach to rock music.

Nothing in Down Came a Spider is done in half measures. The guitar screeches, the drums crash and the vocals echo all with equally piercing venom. It’s a track that holds your attention from the first beat to last due to its grungey sound, but the hints of experimentation emanating from the sound effects behind give it a certain fuzzy quality which counteracts this, and adds to its memorability.

The raw energy it possesses and a certain amount of swagger are what carry this track at its core, but they more than back it up musically.

The eclectic range of sounds which they cram into this track doesn’t happen by accident, nor is it easy to pull off without becoming cluttered and sounding thrown together. However, they seem to have perfected it. Rather than feeling like a mess, it carries a sense of rehearsed mayhem like every ingredient has been meticulously planned out and played tightly to achieve this recipe of false carnage.

This is a track you don’t want to miss. It’s one to listen to while you’re getting ready for a night out, or perhaps driving to work, then again when you’re driving home. It will get you pumped up for what’s ahead, and at a time when normality is about to resume, what more can you ask for?

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