CRISP&CLASSY – ‘Blessed’ the Remixes

CRISP&CLASSY certainly describes this East London based duo. After the success of their second release ‘Blessed’, CRISP&CLASSY return with a remixes EP. With their message fighting for sexual emancipation, this honest duo are vibrant. 

Letting listeners into a different realm of CRISP&CLASSY, the remixed EP hears the duo in a completely different light. Teaming up with two of their favourite London based feminist and queer emerging artists Arnie Wrong, and Bliss Cxrmen, this is the collaboration you didn’t know you needed until right now.

Blessed (Arnie Wrong Remix)’ is tinged with club nostalgic and alt-pop sensibilities. With the original track being prominently electro-pop, this synth infused production highlights Arnie Wrong’s trademark sound. Featuring triggered vocals and a fierce EDM arrangement, Arnie Wrong’s production pays ode to an underground club sound. 

Bliss Carmxn’s Remix of ‘Blessed’ is slightly longer than the original. Theatrical and shimmering in a glistening atmosphere, this version is bathed in an uplifting imagery of hope. EDM mixed with dream-pop, this variation serves itself on a silver platter. 

Hearing the track in two very separate lights showcases how others are influenced by their roots and imagination. Creativity at it’s finest, be ‘Blessed’ and transported into this mesmerising world.