Crossfire Eagles – Major Arcana

Fancy some fast-paced and punchy classic rock from start to finish? Crossfire Eagles, the four-piece band hailing from Sheffield, have a new EP heading your way that is just that.

Titled ‘Major Arcana’, the EP takes influence from the theme of tarot cards. Each song, in the same way as a tarot card, tells its own story and follows its own motive. What this has resulted in is a set of songs that fit together like (forgive the pun) cards in a deck, and show off the band’s ability to write more than just singles.

Kicking off with an earnest track that tries to capture the issue of homelessness in the band’s hometown, ‘Episode’ has emotion running throughout to set the tone for the rest of the EP. What you are then led into is your standard catchy indie tune. ‘Step Out’, a punchy guitar song about ‘stepping out’ of the friendzone, could easily have been ripped from Catfish And The Bottlemen’s album and I wouldn’t question it.

Something I really appreciated was the 30-second interlude ‘Intertalker’. A soft and sweet guitar melody, it’s a smart move from the band to give listeners a break from the intensity of the rest of the EP.

Storming in after ‘Intertalker’ is arguably my favourite track of them all, ‘Sweet Talker’. It’s powerful, passionate, and gives you exactly what you expect from a classic indie-rock tune. It is pulled along by an infectious drumbeat and is 2 minutes and 19 seconds of dance-a-long music.

Three more tracks come with the EP. ‘Moonstruck’ is a punky track with a punky attitude. It is essentially the band’s way of saying ‘we can do what we want’. A remastered version of their 2019 single ‘All You Know’ is also being released alongside the new songs. I must say I really enjoyed this one. It’s a bit more of a slow-burner compared to the others, but it’s a catchy tune that will stick around in your head. 

‘Strawberry Fields’ is the track that rounds it all off, and don’t worry it’s not just a song all about how much they love The Beatles for 3 minutes. It’s in fact a booming track that brings the EP to a close with a bolstering guitar solo. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy listening to this EP. I would also be lying if I said it didn’t feel a bit samey at points. As a whole though, the band always did well in their efforts to keep you drawn in, changing it up just enough every so often. Crossfire Eagles are clearly showing off their potential to come out with some classic indie bangers in the future, out today ‘Major Arcana’ will be out for all your ears.