Crossfire Eagles – Sweet Talker

Sheffield lads, Crossfire Eagles return with their third single ‘Sweet Talker’ which sounds a lot more fiery than sweet.

The whole track packs power and the Sheffield group have captured a sense of excitement in their songwriting with anticipating build ups, catchy choruses and consistent approach to the outro. 

The guitars are crunching and the bass stands out so great, providing a prominent hard-rock background. Accompanying them are some massive sounding drums where you can feel every hit of that tight sounding snare.  

The vocals and harmonies blend in easily and provide a British alternative to a heavily establishment Americana sound. Sweet Talker never really gives up and the wheels keep spinning on an accessible level.  

The track only has a runtime of 2:19 and clearly more could be said, but Crossfire Eagles tease you with their abilities to which I’m sure they’ll progress and experiment with on future releases. Would definitely love to see some more guitar work and experimentation with their hard-rock stylings.  

All-in-all the track feels like its sweet talking description which has you hooked and wanting more.