Crush – Chewed

Back with the chorus effect ramped up and ready to go, Manchester four piece crush are here with their brand new single ‘Chewed’.

This hypnotic tune uses a delicate matching of lead and backing vocals, combined with an easy-going sway of support from the band, to create an all-round trance of a song. It’s one of those songs that doesn’t quite sit in any space, it just floats on by.

Although stated to be an effort to move away from their dream pop tendencies into a new sound, there was definitely still an element of that dreamy quality we’ve heard from the group before.

Talking about the track, vocalist Amber Warren said ‘The lyrics are about coming to the realisation that some relationships in your life are bound to expire, but inevitably you find the right people for you. The track was also about developing our sound as a band, we wanted to experiment more and lean into our love of shoegaze.’. 

You can definitely find admiration for a band trying to push themselves and their sound, even if it’s not the biggest leap ever. It shows that crush have the drive in them to release the best possible music they can produce.

About halfway through the track, there is a turn of pace into a brief instrumental period. At this point in listening I was expecting the band to burst into something bigger that would really drive home the song. However, I was met with a return to the original part of the tune. I just felt that an explosion into something more would really set this song up as a great stand-alone single.

Nevertheless, this is still a strong release from the band, which builds excitement for their future releases in 2021.