Cultures – Ghost

Fusing two of the more popular genres on the modern day gig circuit, synth-pop and indie-rock. Cultures manage to be one of the most appealing and familiar sounding bands in todays musical landscape. 

The trappings of both genres are on full display, having been mapped out and are well known in most music scenes of the modern day. With the lowkey synth backing, the notes playing for extended durations to fill out the track add that nostalgic 80’s feel. With most additions of synth, you’re always going to become embraced by this feeling of nostalgia and mystery. It’s no different here. 

Once that is combined with the classic, tried and true indie rock style, you have something that’s even more familiar and nostalgic. The steady rhythm set by guitars that accentuate low key and subtle lyrics gives a strong dream-like essence. 

There’s no better way to encapsulate the modern indie scene better than by fusing these two genres. Whilst it’s been done by a plethora of other musicians, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been perfected. But Cultures come close with Ghost, combining every element in a very subtle and low key track that just drifts along. 

The solid delivery, atmosphere, and even the overall feel, give off a ghostly vibe that fits the title to a tee. It’s subtlety without being overly pretentious or mysterious. Making for a fantastic listen for anyone interested in the indie scene.