Cut Throat Francis ​: This Gardens Never Gonna Grow

Cut Throat Francis are a folk-balkan swing quartet from Bristol, and they’re due to release their second EP “This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow” on September 6th. Aimed with a back catalogue that will get you on your feet jiving, their new music showcases how far their musicianships has advanced. Delivering humour and a wide chemistry, it’s no surprise that this outfit are on the up to the top. Proving that it’s always great to not fit into a specific category, their versatility beams with light throughout the new ep.

Lie Yourself Cool’ is one of those tracks that instantly grabs your attention with it’s infectious melody. Just before half way, the tempo speeds up with a type of ska beat. Getting you on your feet and ready for the next track, it’s the type of song that refuses you to just sit there still. ‘Handsome Joe’ features quite a minimalistic chord progression in the verses, but it’s what they do with those chords that makes the track so special.

Coating the verses with an upbeat rhythm and an acoustic guitar melody, the vocals sit comfortably on top, serenading listeners. A strong contender on the EP that includes complex sections that will leave you completely breathless. Stick this on repeat while you’re waiting for the EP to be released, we dare you!

Kalimotxo’ feels like we’ve been transported to the 1930s and listening to gypsy jazz for the first time. What we love so much about Cut Throat Francis is how they’re bringing sounds that haven’t been heard in decades to the table to showcase that music like this still needs to be heard. Just after halfway, the track returns to a simple but sped up approach.

An adventure that needs to be played loud! ‘Becoming The Wolf Man’ takes us down a more laid back avenue. Still soothing the air with the balkan swing vibe, the tone of the track isn’t as uplifting as the others. With this slightly turned down atmosphere, it feels needed after a series of highly impacted tracks. Showcasing the band can play loud songs as well as the soft, it proves even more how versatile they are. 

The Too Much Fun Club’ compliments the band with its killer production. As for the rest of the EP, the production is completely human, which is what we like at RGM. It’s not overproduced, and you can hear the instruments all in their own light.

They’re keeping it vintage with the retro recordings, but modernising it with the fresh vocals. ‘The Boo Box ends what’s been a wonderful ride of folk swing. The 6th track is the longest yet, but it’s the one number that holds your gaze throughout. Just when you think the track finishes, there’s a short outro that tells us “This Gardens Never Gonna Grow”.