MY LOCAL is exactly as the title hints, a song about well, my local. 

Taking the very chaotic, rough and tumble style of punk and putting it to excellent use. With very unrefined vocals that slur and shout all throughout the song. It emulates the early punk style to a tee, giving off that vibe of someone getting up on stage after multiple beers, grabbing a microphone and just belting out whatever is on their mind.

The instrumentals are a bit more clear cut, with a distinct hook that repeats continually. It’s a much more controlled chaos, with a very heavy sound that sometimes feels like you’re hearing it through a barrier. This feeling of something sounding as though it’s being blasted at you as though you’re underwater adds to the great muggy feeling the track carries. 

The music video cranks the atmosphere up even more, showcasing trippy and colourful visuals in a hand drawn animation style. It’s adds a whole other layer to things with the hallucinogenic images of a man and a dog at a pub, dancing, drinking, smoke and eventually folding into one another. 

There’s no doubt that some listeners will be turned off by the uneven and rough vocals. But for anyone who enjoys anything that touches on a garage or punk style, or any derivative of the genres, there’s definitely a lot to enjoy. 

The heady atmosphere and powerful sound make MY LOCAL something distinct and unusual, which is likely going to sit well with a lot of classic punk fans in particular.