Cxl Mxck – Me, Myself, or Die.

This week sees Winsford’s Cxl Mxck release his debut EP, ‘Me, Myself, or Die’ after a flying start in the alternative scene with his first two singles, ‘I Can’t Breathe’ and ‘Mushroom Treatment’ which were released in late 2020.

The EP opens with the tender track, ‘Prisoner’, which holds an emo, hip-hop beat accompanied by strong, relatable lyrics that are going to resonate within listeners. The track was produced by Cxl Mxck’s school friend, and producer, JDMH, and details Mxck’s struggles with mental health, specifically depression, in a brutally honest yet beautiful way.

Full to the brim of momentum and attitude follows ‘100mg’, previously released as the EP’s first single, ‘100mg’ really allows Cxl Mxck’s influences to come through. Within this number, it is clear to see that the 23-year-old was influenced by rising stars like YUNGBLUD and SCXRLXD yet he takes those influences and merges them to create something incredibly unique and powerful. Again, this track covers the often-taboo topic of mental health, detailing the discussion had between a therapist and their patient and how they often ignore signs of mental health within young people.

Track 3, ‘Rucksack’, is a definite standout on Me, Myself, or Die. It sees Cxl Mxck take a new direction, an intricate depiction of a true experience where the protagonist within the track feels as if the only way to escape the demons in his brain is through ending his life. A truly touching number, the song is read as a eulogy and hopes to be a wake-up call to people who feel as if suicide is their only answer. Complete with heavy, full-band hooks, the song guides you to its climax, allowing listeners time to reflect on what they have just heard.

The EP then closes with ‘Just A Kid’, another picturesque track that enables the listener to feel as if they are also experiencing what the protagonist within it is seeing. Each track on this EP feels more cinematic than the last, ‘Just A Kid’ is no exception. Describing the darkness of alcohol and substance abuse, the track uses clever rhymes and quick lyricism which bode together into a catchy, hooky chorus.

Me, Myself, or Die is a complete journey, a dark yet effortless EP that will remind listeners that they are not alone in their fight. Cxl Mxck is destined to excel with this release, seeing him not confined to a singular genre, giving him chance to experiment with his sound whilst containing an incredibly powerful message. This EP is a truly touching release which will resonate within the hearts of those struggling with similar issues.