Cxl Mxck – Mushroom Treatment

Cheshire’s Cxl Mxck (Cal Mack) sad and reflective indie track ‘Mushroom Treatment’ echos the sounds of mid-2000’s indie rock with not much modern flare.

The singer-songwriter’s writing aims to normalise mental health discussion in his music and Mushroom Treatment looks at loneliness in what has been a lonely year.

The track reminisces the melodies of mainstream indie rock songs and spoken word dynamics of artists such as Jamie T, where Mxck’s music is both portraying catchy rhythms with direct messages.

It’s an easy-going guitar track which took a bit to get going for me at the beginning, but once the instrumental hooks kick in, Mxck takes you on his journey with warm jangly guitars.

In its two and a half minute runtime, Mushroom Treatment is snappy and balances slower and faster elements of songwriting. With more songwriting under his belt, I’d love to see how far Mxck can develop his sound and explore his guitar work.