D-Kel And Los Bandidos – Sun Goes Down

South London rapper D-Kel is back with his band D-Kel & Los Bandidos with their latest single ‘Sun Goes Down’. The song is a mixture of many influences in his life and his roots in both the music and the lyrics.

The music has a reggae style with the on-beat guitar rhythm that jumps the song along and drums have that signature reggae style. The rap has a great flow that fits well with the rhythm and the vocals for the chorus blend in perfectly.

Without listening properly to the lyrics, the song could just a soft, chill tune that you could relax in the sun to, but the lyrics are what give this song its edge and passion.

The lyrics tell a story that shines a light on crime in the UK. It tells how people can end up in gangs after coming from a rough upbringing because they feel accepted in the gang, but things escalate from selling drugs to violence and knife crime. It shows us where the problems lie and where we need to fix them.

‘Sun Goes Down’ is a passionate track that picks on an important issue in the UK and manages to tell its story in engaging song that encourages people to listen to it. It shows music can be both enjoyable and stand for something.