Dakota Avenue – Temptress

This is mastered LOUD. My brain nearly dribbled out of my tear ducts. I will be transcribing this by banging out Morse code into an olden-days machine with my forehead.

Temptress is fancy and full-bodied, and this is brave production to live up to as a live three piece. It’s big and dynamic and grabs attention an on that basis alone. Drums are particularly full with good reverb, standing out amongst multiple densely spread tracks of vocals, tight indie guitar, thick raspy bass and poppy echo.

Picking and mixing from their influential pool Dakota move confidently between familiar northern vocal styles, weaving past an aggressive Guy Garvey-esque affection by way of Kasabian’s Tom Meighan, momentarily hinting at those signature Alex Turner side-mouthed Savile-slurs. A style that draws you in with familiar territory.

Although not pushing any lyrical envelopes this is seemingly designed for the club-grade singalong. Temptress explores simple, relatable hangover prose and is easily enjoyed.

Dakota Avenue are expanding on their style and giving it a super commercial polish whilst building on familiar sounds from circa 2005 when things were a little more laddish. This’ll convert well with the particular festival crowd it seems to be designed for. It’s certainly stuck in my head. Please don’t make me go to Leeds Fest again.

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