Dalmas: In Too Deep

The rough streets of Manchester are encompassed by the roaring cries of despair from Dalmas

In Too Deep guides you on a soft acoustic journey with strong emotive vocals from frontman George Farrar before transcending into a steady verse. The vocal line flows so coolly that no matter what instrumental change happens in the background, you’re still hooked on Farrar’s consistency. 

This isn’t a simple acoustic piece, before you know it you’re thrown into a loud chorus and even louder bridge recreating the gritty and noisy styles and sounds of the early 90’s. Imagine acts such as Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins but with a Manchester twang and a bit of extra fuzz. 

The lyrical themes, straining vocals and fat over-driven guitars provide an imagery of being at your wits end and sick of everything. A band that can paint you a picture with sounds and words a truly onto something worth paying attention to.