Dama Juda – Goodbye

Goodbye” is the best introduction into the world of Dama Juda’s music. It may be the singer-songwriter’s fourth release to date, but it exceeds any sort of expectation you may have had. The sort of track you’d show your friends as an introduction to a new artist recommendation, “Goodbye” feels like the beginning still for this electro-pop artist.

After a while of trying to find the right sound and music identity, ‘Goodbye’ feels the closest to Dama Juda that fans have had to date. Describing the struggle of recording from a break-up and healing our scars from the trauma, Dama illustrates that even when a relationship is over, you still find yourself going back to that part of your life and repeating ‘goodbye’ again.

Based in Washington DC, this singer-songwriter is powered by memorable vocals and character. “Goodbye” feels somewhere between pop and trip-hop, mainly because of its an addictive rhythm that reminds me of early Dido days.

Still authentic and having a sense of hip-hop within the track’s instrumentation, ‘Goodbye’ fully showcases Dama’s diverse range of influences.

Recorded entirely in her bedroom and produced by Michael Khan from Sound Better, “Goodbye” is an imaginative release that’s portrayed as confident.