Damian – Split EP

If there are any Ed Sheeran fans out there then you might be sat around waiting for some new work from him, but if you can’t be bothered waiting then you might want to try Australian singer-songwriter, Damian, as an alternative.

Armed with his brand new four-track EP ‘Split’, it seems like Damian certainly knows what to do when it comes to soppy acoustic songs. 

The first tune on the list is ‘Invincible’. This one starts slow and soft but makes its way into a full-blown ballad. This track can certainly be said to be a well-placed opener.

What follows is the lead single ‘Can’t Have You’, which is where Damian’s best Sheeran impression seems to stand out. This is just on the surface though, and when you dive deeper you can really sense the emotion bursting out. When talking about it himself Damian said about withing the songs that they ‘capture a unique moment/feeling that I experienced during that time and the way in which each of those particular experiences affected me’.

You can really tell that effort has gone into this set of songs, with the fine details playing an important role, which is what you’d expect for songs that were written over a two-year period.

Adding to the merit of the EP is the wide skillset that the Sydney-based artist shows off. Not only does he show his singing ability, but in ‘Fooling Yourself’ comes some spoken word/rap to mix it up a bit.

To round it all off is ‘Whisper In My Mind’. Another pop ballad, yet with a bit of an upbeat twist. This finishes off a complete set of catchy tunes to delve into.

If you want to know what I’m on about rather than just read more of me going on about it then check out ‘Split