Dandelionjames – Rainfall

Having spent almost 10 years in a band performing around Manchester, Dandelionjames is finally stepping on his own two feet. And he is doing this by releasing some of the most awe-inspiring solo tracks – in particular, his latest single, ‘Rainfall’.

Opening on a melancholy rhythm that could only be described as peaceful as the sound of rain itself, it’s hard not to slip into a reverie as the first few chords are strummed. The gentle echoing of the electric guitar then acts as the perfect cushion to James’s hypnotic, yet fervid vocals.

“Do you feel our love in the rainfall” he sings, opening the song with lyrics set to make your heart combust. Still in your reverie, the sense of calmness does slowly start to slip away, preparing you for the dominant tempo that’s about to take this song to a completely new level.

Sprightly. Ebullient. And heart-pounding – the only three words to describe the remainder of ‘Rainfall’. Likewise, before you can even comprehend the transition that lies within this talented piece, your foot is already tapping along to the unexpected lionhearted percussion that rides beneath the melody.

One thing that certainly caught my attention was the likeness between the vocals of Dandelionjames and Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill. This is nothing to complain about though. The power of each word omitted, the grunge-esque twang to each crooned lyric, it’s a familiar voice, but it’s a talented one, to say the least.

It is clear from ‘Rainfall’ that Dandelionjames has a knack for all things, guitars, lyrics and melody. So, if you’re in the mood for a song that can both relax and uplift you then, then this is the one for you.