Danny Pietnik – These Splendid Moments.

Sheffield based music graduate Danny Pietnik’s new EP These Splendid Moments is a peaceful set of moments expressed through layered strings and soft spoken lyrics. 

We Gave Too Much is the first track and is rather melancholic, expressing how he gave too much yet didn’t give enough either. Whether speaking about a lover or a long lost friend it’s a heartfelt song that expresses one of those sad facts of life and how you lose touch with those that mean a lot to you. The mixture of different string hooks layered on top of one another make the song swell greatly and add a huge amount of substance. 


Next is Alive Round You, a more muted take this time as there is only a single guitar rather than an ensemble of echoing guitars. This time Danny sings about his lover in a more positive light, crooning beautifully about how his heart comes alive round them.

The affectionate and beautiful closing line which has extra voices melding into the background alongside Danny stating “I’m lost without you” is really something, as it is both some truly haunting yet also warming.

Anger in a Handful of Dirt is an unusual name for a track, but the song itself is sombre and stoic in spite of the unusual name. The effects used give Danny a ghostly tone in his voice, sounding as though he’s shouting into a foggy night rather than sat sweetly playing his guitar.

The sadness emoted through this track is probably one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking I’ve heard in a while. The emotion is worn openly and unabashedly. And the real sadness is found within the lyrics, “the little I know the less I lose”, which whilst slightly cryptic can be easily construed into something very understandable and personal.

Blossoms in Spring is notable as it adds in more expressive and accentuated guitar tones. Everything really comes together here, the secrets he holds, the lovers he’s known. Everything seems to just fall together from the other tracks and overflow into this song.

Whilst I think the strongest track is certainly We Gave Too Much, the twanging guitar at the end of Blossoms in Spring is really where everything comes together. 

All said and done, Danny Pietnik’s EP is accessible and easy to listen to folk that could relax and calm even the most troubled of souls. There’s a calming tone to his voice and style that is hard to find. Even for those who are unsure of folk music, These Splendid Moments is still worth listening to just for the beauty of it all.