Danny Vye – Blown Away EP

Earlier this month, London based Danny Vye released his debut ep ‘Blown Away’, a mixture of pop ballads and pop rock anthems that give listeners an intriguing glimpse into what is to come.

The EP opens with its title track, ‘Blown Away’, featuring dreamy vocals which bode wonderfully with its instrumentation which build towards a climaxing chorus. The song tells the story of the protagonist falling in love with someone and wondering if they will ever feel the same way.

‘Chasing Time’ follows, allowing us to see the diversity in Danny Vye’s song writing abilities. It is here where we really do see featured artist Stefan Kelk, an experienced London and Kent-based producer, vocals excel. The track features stunning high notes which hold tonnes of emotion, grasping the listener making you pay close attention to every word.

In ‘Don’t Want To Go Back’, the song-writing is effortless. Danny started writing songs after taking song-writing classes at the Institute of Contemporary Music in London, and with this number those classes have paid off. ‘Don’t Want To Go Back’ is a great piece of work and is potentially the best on this EP.

‘You and I’ closes the EP, the track was also one of the singles, released before the EP. With this track, Danny ends the story that started within ‘Blown Away’ and it appears that the person mentioned within the first track, did like him back. ‘You and I’ is a wholesome number and wraps the EP up perfectly.

The Blown AwayEP allows listeners to get a great first glimpse at Danny Vye’s sound. It features 4 stunning tracks which have a heartfelt narrative. Some of the tracks do seem to merge into each other, so in the future, it would be nice to see Danny Vye jump outside of his comfort zone, yet for a debut ep, it’s a steady piece of work.