Dantevilles – Welcome To The Theatre

Welcome to the theatre unleashes energy and passion from Manchester-based rockers ‘Dantevilles’ whose EP brings together noise-rock, funk and indie rock. 

Dantevilles open up with eerily haunting lead tones from the guitars and balls to the walls noise from thundering drums and bass.

Transcending into an upbeat indie rock chorus, ‘Soundscape’ whilst being full of great sounds really lets the vocals flourish in a multitude of styles and harmonies. As it closes you are brought back to variety in guitar effects that let the leads ring out throughout the song presenting this darker mood. 

One of the strangest track progressions I’ve ever seen comes with the second track on the album ‘Save Me A Dance’ where all of the interesting moments in ‘Soundscape’ are lost and you’re presented with this funk/indie combo that’s been used by many of today’s well-known bands like Two Door Cinema Club. It has all of the makings of a great indie track with catchy leads, chunky chords, funky bass and indulging vocals…but it doesn’t fit here. 

The Final track, ‘Confession’ re-introduces the atmospheric noise wall in its chorus that was seen at the beginning of the EP and is a nice welcome back. The faster singing at the start still carried the vibe of ‘Save Me A Dance’ coupled with the upbeat drum patterns. Creeping in the background are the guitars which then showcase the noise the band are capable of. 

All in all a nice mixture of musical creativity with well-produced sounds that would resonate through even the smallest of venues, an awkward mid-section is saved by a noisily good conclusion