Darla Jade – Frenemy

Every now and then we stumble across an artist that’s creating inspiring music while telling a story through their songwriting. Darla Jade does exactly that. With previous release ‘Overcrowded’ getting recognition from across the country and beyond, Darla returns with new single ‘Frenemy’.

Recently receiving thousands of views on live-streams, Darla is one of the many artists who have been streaming from home during the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Still giving inspiration to listeners, this songwriter is proving she’s one to watch in the latest release. Based in Stoke, she is known for memorable lyrics and a soothing vocal tone. Produced in Thailand at Karma Sound Studios, the new single carves a new path.

Rhythmical and creating an edgy aura for the songwriter, ‘Frenemy’ is completely different to previous releases. Showing her heartfelt lyrics over a wonderful melody, there’s a mystery behind the upbeat track. Written as a symbol of what Darla’s been through, the track also gives guidance on where she wants to end up too. With a breath-like tone to her vocals, it’s the crisp harmonies that will grab your attention.

One thing I could say is that the production feels a bit too well produced in parts, making the track feel like it’s near perfect. Hearing imperfections in music makes it feel more human sometimes, so maybe when performing this track live, it would work well with a live drummer instead of drum machine. Saying that, it is produced like something you’d hear from today’s chart music and if this doesn’t get into the top 10, we’re all doomed. Another stand out track in Darla’s repertoire.