Daverage J Normal – Dark Stars

Spend any length of time listening to Daverage J Normal and it soon becomes apparent that the electronic artist has taken on something of a misleading name. Things are far from average, nor are they normal.

Indeed, his latest single is the fittingly titled “Dark Stars”, and while Normal claims to hail from London, the four and a half minutes of angular and off-kilter sci-fi electronica at play here surely bely such claims. Instead, it’s far more believable that he arrived from somewhere off-planet having developed a deep interest in the Earth’s various electronic music scenes, and keen to learn more for himself.

Dark Stars” is the result of said learning. Though similar in scope to its predecessors “Voidhawk” and “Out There”, it’s darker and more aggressive. Sudden switches in tempo give the track a progressive, disjointed feel that surprisingly works in its favour, keeping things feelings fresh when they could so easily feel repetitive.  

Coming across somewhere between Vegas pool party dubstep and a Sega MegaDrive soundtrack might not sound like it would work on paper, and it certainly won’t appeal to everyone. Yet it’s appeal lies not just in its dystopic delivery, but in the images it conjures, and the stories it could soundtrack.

Different? Certainly. Normal? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

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