Daz Cadwallander – Copy Cat

Sheffield lad Daz Cadwallander is set to release his latest single ‘Copy Cat’, exploring a dreamy flow of adaptive vocals and limited instrumentation.

Keeping it simple, ‘Copy Cat’ only utilises guitars and vocals, showing that sometimes simple yet affective can be the way to go. The song begins with strummed acoustic guitar chords and smooth adlibs played on electric guitar. Though the lead guitar isn’t overly complexed, its playing style suits the overall vibe of the track’s calmness.

The whole atmosphere of the track has a strong, sentimental air around it, which has done well to be portrayed through a small instrumental range. The emotion certainly makes itself known and creates interest within the ambience of the song from the off, with Cadwallander’s storytelling proving effective and captivating.

The arrangement of the songs effects (e.g. reverb) makes the track a little more four-dimensional, creating a live kind of ambience within the music too. 

Though the track is effectively pleasant, a strong middle 8 or an additional section to contrast the existing chordal structures would have boosted the level of captivation in the music. It also would have allowed Cadwallander to showcase his talents a little bit more but alas, I’m positive we’ll catch them in the next releases.

Cadwallander’s vocals, however, do display an admirable level of control throughout the track, performing soft and steady vocals that grow with power when the music is in need of a boost. In the latter half of the song, the vocals grow with an almighty strength, standing tall above the ambience of the guitars.

Displaying a warm and sentimental feel, ‘Copy Cat’ is a wonderful example of emotive story-telling through music. Though simplistic, the atmospheric energy of the track proves both impactful and heavily engaging.

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