Dead Cherry – C.R.E.E.P

There’s a subtle sleaziness to Dead Cherry’s, C.R.E.E.P with its grimy vocals, strong bass riff and grim lyrics.

It carries with it this dirty and cynical feel right the way through, the rough and tumble style coupling with the disillusioned theming with amazing effectiveness. 

As far as it goes, it’s much more of a think piece, and a call to arms than a song you go back to for the listening pleasure. Referencing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author, Hunter S. Thompson and, Maggie Thatcher by name further fuels this grim outlook. Namely the formers cynical look at the underbelly of the iconic city, and the latter who’s actions are still on peoples minds to this day, for better or worse. 

On the musical side, the strong bass riff is distinct and powerful, catching the attention of all with little effort. Despite its repetition, it’s distinct, simple and catchy, marking it as the main hook. The more subtle guitar strumming in the back further adds to this with its more mysterious and nuanced sound. Other than that and some slight ambient noises such as sirens and the sounds of rioting echoing off in the distance, the music itself is simple. 

The vocals and more importantly, the lyrics are the true meat and potatoes. Utilising spoken word over singing makes it known that you’re supposed to listen, especially with the commanding tone of voice being used. Add in some distortion, giving a pirate radio styling and there you have it. 

Whilst lacking the more standard approach and appeal, C.R.E.E.P sets out to send a message, and by distinguishing itself with its simplistic style and strong vocal performance that’s riddled with venom, it gets that message across with every bit of brutality it can muster.