Dead Scientists – Universal Fade

Dead Scientists follow up their debut album – ‘We Will Find The Words’ – with downcast yet dreamy new single ‘Universal Fade’.

Once flatmates in Manchester, the duo initially emerged back in 2008, but soon went their separate ways. After a lengthy hiatus and living at opposite ends of the country – Dan and Ross found themselves drawn back to each other to create music once again. Bound by their interest in conspiracies and rumours of the past – Dead Scientists’ name came out of the quickening realisation that history is often prone to repeat itself. And as our world gets ever-stranger, the dark themes explored in their work feel even more apt.

The new track ‘Universal Fade‘ feels distinctly more personal in its themes of guilt and confusion, yet also outlines an incredibly relatable feeling for us all. Taking inspiration from The Flaming Lips track ‘It’s Summertime’ – it explores the expectation of better days that seems to come with the arrival of Summer each year. After the darkness of the Winter when S.A.D is common – there’s a belief that happiness will arrive in those glimmers of sunlight – and that’s not always the case. It’s a pertinent concept considering the last year we’ve all endured. And while we may indeed welcome those brighter days – they don’t magically fix all our worries.

Opening with country-flavoured guitars and flourishing piano notes – there’s a hazy, haunting element to the vocals as they float across the track. Echoey, synthy and dreamlike in sound, the lyrics paint the picture of a warm summer in the city outside the window contrasting with an overwhelming sense of isolation and melancholia. Despite this struggle of anxious guilt – there is a real sense of reassurance to the track. That even if you’re isolated, you’re not alone in these feelings and to ‘hold on‘. The last minute of the song gives us these beautifully layered vocals of understanding, with heavenly chimes before fading out.

An exquisitely sombre yet sincere track.