Dean Knill – Butterflies and Warning Signs

Worthing based singer-songwriter Dean Knill unleashes his second single ‘Butterflies & Warning Signs’. Known for writing meaningful music with infectious melodies, the latest single engages with listeners via it’s vibrant arrangement. 

Using songwriting as a way of telling his personal stories, ‘Butterflies & Warning Signs’ is coated in electronic-pop sensibilities mixed with the compelling nature of indie. Recorded and produced by George Holliday on Made On The Road, which is a converted studio bus that has toured around Europe, this fact makes the electro-pop anthem that extra special.

Telling the story of a natural connection, the feeling of butterflies follow when engaging eye contact with that special someone. Illuminating it’s message that love can sometimes be temporary, ‘Butterflies & Warning Signs’ sounds hopeful, but it’s deeper meaning is emotional. 

While it’s highly energetic sound drives through with reassurance, the lyrics stems from a relationship that went sour. A relationship that was anxiety-induced, it tells the story of how Dean could never escape the warning signs. 

Something you’d hear on a night out and instantly make your way to the dance floor, this highly elevating number is an excellent new release from Dean Knill. Featuring vulnerable lyrics alongside a strongly built arrangement, the smooth number glide with dignity.

Contagiously memorable, and simply effortless, Dean’s talent seems endless.