Deborah Williams – Show Me The Way

Trip-hop has returned, but it has a new face in Deborah Williams. Showing us the way with her breathtaking interpretation on feeling lost within your own life, this artist gets a whole other level of personal in the latest bewitching single. ‘Show Me The Way‘ is an atmospheric piece of music led by a breathtaking chiming piano melody, but that’s not all.

Layered by the most powerful vocals you’ll hear all day, it’s safe to say this artist loves reverb. Reverberated and spacious, yet in places intimate and vulnerable, the track discusses Deborah’s own experiences battling demons.

Providing reassurance and motivation for fans to keep fighting through this horrendous time we’re all going through, the distinctive single guides listeners to the light at the end of the tunnel. A cinematic, melancholic and impactful single that’s best described as a masterpiece, there’s not one bad thing to say about this track.

One thing I will say is, make sure when you do listen to this, that you are in a stable mindset, as it has the ability to leave your mind wondering.

When artists can leave their cards on the table and be personal with their viewers, then you know you’ve found someone who’s destined for greatness. Brave and telling listeners that it’s ok to not be ok, “Show Me The Way” feels like a guardian angel letting you know that things do get easier, you just have to battle on through.