Deckie Learner – Neck

Hip-Hop drums merge with new-wave bass guitar in the latest single, Neck, from Hull artist, Deckie Learner.

The single released on Fast & Bulbous Records sounds like the Manchester post-punk scene has been signed by Motown and has to have their funk sound. The name Deckie Learner is taken from ‘deckhands apprentices’ and the idea of bashing different materials together is quite fitting for Deckie’s sound.

There aren’t many lyrics, but the line “If you don’t turn that down, I’ll wrap it round your bastard neck” is repeated constantly and finds itself in familiar British whereabouts. The working-class nostalgic British home feels strong here in an emerging dance scene from the early 90s.

The grittiness and almost lo:fi style of the vocals mixes well with the dirty and funky bass. It’s a song that bites at your ankle and doesn’t let go.

Musically, it’s a consistent song that suits the early 90s electronica releases and could easily be remixed or merged with other tracks. The drumming and bass and produced so nicely that you can’t help but feel the groove as the anger in the vocals sends shivers down your spine.