Delilah Bon – Delilah Bon

Do you want an artist with an attitude? If there’s anything that Delilah Bon (aka Lauren Tate) brings to the game then attitude is certainly a front runner.

Tenacious from the get-go, Delilah’s self-titled debut album is packed with 12 tracks of non-stop hip hop/punk that dares to push itself to the max. Combining hip hop rap, fuzzy guitar, big choruses and a punk swagger, this album is something she likes to call ‘Brat Punk’.

Along with the mighty singles ‘Bad Attitude’, ‘School’, and ‘Where My Girls At?’, a favourite of mine is the ABBA spin-off ‘Chiquitita’. A playful twist on the 1970s classic, this is Delilah really showing off her creativity.

An important theme that seems key to the album is that of feminism and the need for empowerment. Delilah stated that ‘’the album is a celebration of female empowerment and independence. Made by a woman as a voice for women and non-binary people, I wrote about rape culture, girls uplifting girls and self-love.’’.

This isn’t an easy thing to achieve, and to carry that much weight is a powerful thing to convey in an album, but Delilah has done it.

What’s most impressive about the album is that Delilah did all the work herself. From writing to recording to producing the album, she did it all. Talking about this, Lauren said ”self-producing the album was important to me, especially as female producers are sadly rare and under-represented. I wanted to prove that I could, creating all the beats, recording all the instruments myself to truly bring my visions to life.”. 

After previous work as Lauren Tate and with her band Hands Off Gretel, Delilah has taken her music into her own hands. 

One word that I believe best sums up the album is ‘unapologetic’. She has made it exactly how she wants it, and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem.

Delilah Bon is coming your way, and you can listen to the album on May 21st!