Derby Indie-Poppers The Roster Premiere Upbeat New Single Masquerade

At a time when indie bands are everywhere, and with most trying their hardest to emulate the likes of Liam Gallagher or The 1975, it’s refreshing when one comes along that seems keen to break from that mould. Especially when it’s a brand new band fresh out the starting blocks.

A band like Derby four piece The Roster.

With a refusal to adhere to genre stereotypes, the quartet take their cues from a wealth indie bands through the ages, resulting in their own inherently timeless brand that harbours echoes of bands such as Kasbain, The Courteeners, or even at times, The Las.

With previous singles already earning praise from the likes of Snake Oil Music and Northern Revive, latest offering ‘Masquerade’ looks set to do much the same. Eschewing the band’s heavier side in favour of picked guitars and vocal harmonies, it’s arguably the band’s most melodic single to date, and one which feels like The Roster taking a tentative step up the ladder.

“Masquerade is a very special tune to us because it was the first song we created whilst in lockdown” the band explain. “We had to adapt to making tunes separately. For example, Tom created the instrumental for it and then sent it to Joe who then came up with the lyrics for it and then the tune was finalised by Louie who created the piano parts for the tune.”

We’re pleased to be able to exclusively premiere the track ahead of its release below: