Diary of a Comedian: Fran Garrity Day 1

So Day one at The Fringe started incredibly early with a train from the heart of Teesside, into Edinburgh just after 11 am. Shared a table with a guy who had the longest iPhone charging cable I had ever seen.

He’s used this service before.

Full of anticipation as the Fringe was already in full swing. I arrive in glorious sunshine
“Hello Mr Garrity, we’ve been expecting you”, said no-one.

Gave a nod and a glance to some comedians flyering their shows and avoided the drama students on the Royal mile by wearing massive headphones (no music – top tip). Sunglasses also helped (like the Elton John 70’s ones) as did walking backwards.

Made a tenner.

Short visit to my accommodation then headed over to the venue of the show The Counting House. This year I’ve been selected to be part of a showcase of working-class comedians headed by the 3 shows a day Sian Davies – a grafter.

Best in Class.

Hi-Vis ‘Best in Class’ vest to wear (in this heat)- flyers in hand and off to grab some punters.

It’s a Free show! normally attracts them, have a bit of banter with them – ‘nice hair mate, nice shirt mate, c’mon mate……. I’m boiling in this!’.

Had a few good chats with people as they wanted to know who is the best on the lineup. To which I replied “you’ll have to come to every show, seriously”

The show started a 3.30pm and full house, not even standing room. Great to see this show continue to sell out at the Fringe, amazing. Sian smashed it Hannah Platt smashed it, I smashed it – great atmosphere, everyone up for it (apart from one lady who nearly fainted and had to leave)

Nice to see a family in from Middlesbrough too, I had a great laugh with them until I reminded everyone that most people think that people from Middlesbrough have absolutely no common sense.
They seemed alright actually, quite canny.

The show ended with the traditional bucket speech and collection where people can pay what they want, notes, coins – people were very generous today.

My guess is the family from Middlesbrough were the ones who put the Euro coins in the bucket collection.
Worked out alright because as we all know the Euro at the minute is stronger than the pound.
The family weren’t to know that though, were they?.
No common sense.

Fran Garrity is appearing at The Edinburgh free fringe – as part of Best in Class, Counting House (Loft) 3.30pm.