Diary of a Comedian : Fran Garrity Day 2


Day 2 for me started with the sight of persistent rain. Hooray!

Knowing that I’ll most likely be out for most of the day I decided the best thing to do would be to purchase some cheap chinos from Primark, just in case I needed a change of clean and dry trousers. As there would be nowhere for me to dry it would be the best thing to do.

Sensible I know. 20 min walk in the rain and by the time I got to the store my jeans were proper soaked.
Bought a pair, greeted with ‘would you like a carrier bag?’
‘Yes it’s tanking down’, extra 5p – not a problem.

Headed out of Primark in the soaking wet carrying a brown paper bag.
Yes …….a brown paper bag – (some of you have already worked this one out, haven’t you?.)

The brown bag was not water-resistant – and by the time I got back to my accomodation, my newly purchased chinos were wet through.

Idiot. The best thing to do.
2 stars Primark. **

So today I had the pleasure of three gigs at the Fringe, 2 guest spots and Best in Class.

1st gig took me to close the show at the Pick of the Fringe – a mid-morning compilation show . 4 comedians get to do spots and promote their shows.

To be honest, I was not fully prepared to be taken on a ‘rollercoaster ride’ nor do some morning yoga with Dan Nicholas, he totally got the crowd on board.
Channelling our energy into some comedic yoga to release that inner anger – “…….and breathe out (declaring) ‘Don’t leave me, Shelia!”.

The rest of my Best in Class run shall be shared with the wonderful Charlie George, very very funny. (4 stars Charlie ****)

We took to the wet streets to flyer but there was something different about today, people were more engaging wanted to know more about the show, a showcase for working-class comedians and quite happily taking flyers.

I enjoyed chatting to them, ‘yes, I know my chinos are wet’
Another full room for Best in Class, the word is getting around – if you here at the Fringe or know people that send them our way. Be early though!

No one in from Middlesbrough today though. No Euro’s in the bucket…coincidence??

The sun returned for a few hours and spent the early evening with Matt Fong and his family and friends, great to have a break and just chill for a few hours.

3rd gig – late on 10 pm and another compilation show – Comedy shorts.
Very good. Shorter spots, more comedians and again a lot of fun. Barrie Heap and Sean Turner outstanding. Closed the show, headed outside to be greeted with (hooray!) persistent rain.

Not the least bit bothered about getting my trousers wet. Still, have the receipt.

Back to it tomorrow – Pick of the Fringe again and Best in Class.

Fran Garrity is appearing at The Edinburgh free fringe – as part of Best in Class, Counting House (Loft) 3.30pm.