Diary of a Comedian ​: Fran Garrity Day 5

Day Five – My time here is nearly done.

I’ll watch some shows today, plenty of time to do so.
The family has gone back home, I’ve only got the Best in Class show today so I’ll relax and treat myself to supporting some other comics.

What?!, Sorry?! I beg your pardon….. they are having the day off?
All of them?!
Yes, the ONLY day I choose and some of them are off, brilliant.
The ones I did see however were very good and I shall recommend – Lee Kyle, Peter Brush, Chris Washington.
All five stars ***** (for not taking the day off.)

Flyering the show was ok today, lots of people seemed interested to come and see the show. Spotted Dave Quinnan from The Bill – ironically walking on a cobbled street.

If you’ve seen the Bill you’ll know what I’m on about, if you haven’t doesn’t matter, honestly.
We sold out again for Best in Class and it was probably my most enjoyable – everyone 100% on board, every joke landed and got a great reception. My good friend Julian came to see me today.
Nobody bought a Men in Black DVD.

Go home for a rest to be then contacted and sent a message from a TV company – I saw you at today’s Best in Class and loved your set…..(i can’t say how much this means I’ve left them my number, see what happens)
Job done.

I couldn’t have afforded to come to Edinburgh without re-mortgaging my house and I am so thankful for Sian and the Best in Class team for giving me some valuable experience at this Festival.

Let’s see what my final day brings – a bit of sunshine would be nice.

Fran Garrity is appearing at The Edinburgh free fringe – as part of Best in Class, Counting House (Loft) 3.30pm.