Diary of a Comedian : Fran Garrity (The Final day)

Final day in Edinburgh.

Last breakfast, last coffee, last walk up that Royal mile (yes).

Festival has been mint – proper mint. Which is a Teesside slang word for mint. (Class, excellent).
Exceeded all expectations.

The family arrive (in their droves) to bring me home but not after one last gig for me for Best in Class.
My sister is in a Rock choir, they also have a gig tonight at the festival.
We discuss which songs will be performed – she says “I like them all, but not so keen on Queen. I’ll mime”
Under pressure.

They head to the busy shops of Edinburgh which are THE SAME SHOPS as the ones in Middlesbrough but bigger.
I do the traditional ‘bloke stands outside’ whilst they browse in THE SAME SHOPS as the ones in Middlesbrough.

Quick tea and scone (sophisticated) I have a sarnie and head over to the Counting house to meet my take over partner Wilson, canny lad and we hit it off straight away, shame we’ll only gig today.

The bloke from Thames Television who scouted me at the gig yesterday calls me back, Britain’s Got Talent, he’s been googling me all morning he tells me, is that the right term?…. stalking?.

Had a good chat with him actually and he thought I was very funny – chances are he’s probably seen that Gazette article about me and duly noted the following *excellent back story* *see James Arthur* *also from Middlesbrough* *same shops as Edinburgh*

Best in Class has been a right good stepping stone for me in terms of the festival and i will be sad to leave it behind.

The show continues until the 25th of August with some quality comedians. Counting House 3.30pm daily.
Sells out too. Best get there for 3 pm.

Final gig for me today – sells out- YES MATE… Charlie fills in for MC duties today and Wilson gets off to a cracking start.

I introduce the audience to me mam, travelled all the way from the Northeast which is class, set off at 6 am because I txt her last night asking for a lift home from a gig.

Gig finishes, another generous bucket collection and head for a pint, meet Frank Skinner, happily accepts the offer of a selfie.

Unlike Phil Mitchell (not even his real name) It’s Steve.

I know, Frank Skinner’s not his real name too, it’s Chris Collins. Still called him Frank.

Rock choir begins and it’s the Cranberries to start with, sister mimes to Queen which is a shame really as I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball.

Already decided to be back at the festival next year with a solo show or two.
I’ll miss this place – all the comedians I’ve hung out with, met and gigged with – thanks Best in Class!!

Been great to blog about this too – you can follow me on Twitter @frangarrity1 and on Facebook – Fran Garrity comedian. Keep an eye out for my tour show ‘Faith, Hope & Garrity’

Also, if anyone can lend me a Golden buzzer some point next year that’d be mint – proper mint.
That’s a Teesside slang word for mint.