Digging for Apples – Oblivious

“Hey guys, I’ve got an idea…how’s about we have an organ in the song?”

Stroke. Of. Genius. Digging for Apples have put together a belter of an indie anthem, and yet they’ve managed to craft a sound that doesn’t really sound like ‘indie’, especially given they’re out of Manchester (via New Zealand). There’s such a mismatch of influences and intentions that I can’t quite get my head around how they’ve pulled it all together. Does it have an insanely catchy chorus?

You bet it does! Is it anthemic? Yup. Is it uplifting and atmospheric and cleverly produced? Tick. Shane Robertson’s vocals are unique and a genuinely interesting listen, and yet they don’t feel overpowering or overbearing at any point either; they’re no more and no less important than the surrounding instrumentals, and that really shines through to how successful this release is as a complete entity.

I’m getting Reef vibes from the way the guitar and organ interact, moments of psychedelic textures in the backing vocals, and an uplifting feeling akin to that of a gospel choir from the choruses. I never thought I’d get Reef and a Gospel Choir into the same sentence in a review, but there you go.

It’s very clear that a lot of time has been spent in the crafting of this track, and when it’s so apparent that the work put into the whole process, from conception to post-production, it’s a blessing for the reviewer. Every part of this track has its own vitality to the success of the track, and with a free entry show at Manchester’s iconic Night People on March 5th, it’d be a shame if you were to miss out on hearing it in its intended setting. This is one to look forward to.